How to survive

High School is a very different place from years before. My first year of high school has been a roller coaster of good and bad there are a lot of things that I have learned and many more things I am learning and this will be probably true for you too. Some of the advice that I wished someone would of gave me is to stay focused on school and to put school in front of most things. You have to apply yourself to school you can’t just slide by and pass the grade like you have before if you don’t have the credits you need you will be held back or if you don’t pass the grading terms you have to pass you will be held back. In high school they don’t play with your grades you have to keep them up to be successful and to keep them up you have to apply yourself to what needs to be done. One thing I did this year that shouldn’t be done is procrastinating because when you procrastinate well at least when I did  I wouldn’t end up doing what I pushed off or I would do it really quick and it wouldn’t be what I know I could’ve done if I did it when I first sad I was going to. One other thing that you can do to be successful is to delegate do what is most important or what I’d due first. Also there will be days where you are drained and  don’t feel like doing anything and that is okay to have mental break. One thing that worked for me is to break things into little compartments and focus on one thing at a time and on exam days or finals/midterms treat your brain like a table study what you need first then push it out of the way and not think about it again. I hope this helped a little bit and you have a good ninth grade or any grade that you are in.


i grew up on Homemade meals

that were made from the hands

that wiped my tears

that cooked meatloaf

and chicken

and noodles

and made my bad days better

I Grew up on homemade meals

that were cooked from the hands

that made me

view of earth




Everyone will think you are strong if you’re silent

covering the hideousness of the world with chaos in my deformed soul

Everyone will think you’re strong if silence is your biggest quality

Death is near

I’m’ getting slaughtered

Piece by piece ripped apart

I’m dying deep down in the ground my roots are breaking

the world is murdering me

Blogs I visited (week 8)

These are all the blogs I visited and commented on for week eight blogging challenge  Alina’s blog their title reminded me of the Geico commercial   picked this blog because the name  interested me. I also commented on a post which was planning

The next blog I visited was this blog I commented on the post I thought this post really connected to me.

Next I visited

Then this blog I commented on a post named This post kind of blew me away because the author is only in fifth grade and is building and programing robots.

I visited and commented on which was about being safe on the internet

After that I visited


Finally visited and commented on  which was about the authors favorite place to visit.

I really liked this weeks challenge because it opened my eyes to so many new things. I hope you enjoyed this weeks challenge too.

Our online world

With the internet today there is a lot of things that this generation is open to that older generations weren’t. Simple things that most of us use everyday weren’t around 20 years ago like they are now some of these are email, google, all social media platforms (Snapchat,Facebook,Instagram,Youtube,Twitter). The internet has positives and negatives that come along with it.

Positives of the internet today are you get to communicate with people all over the world, you get to share ideas and see others ideas.There are a lot of data bases on the internet like hospitals, research sites,dictionaries and others.Another positive is in schools the internet plays a big part I am on the computer in almost all of my classes.

Negatives of the internet are very real things.Some negatives of the internet are cyber bullying, cyber bullying  is hard for teens today because the bullies are behind a computer screen and it is harder to track them because they could have a fake profile.Also once something is put on the internet it’s always there.Many teens experience having something out there they don’t necessarily want out there and they ave to live with that. other negatives are everyone know what is going on in your life, things get twisted from what they really are, there is a lot of hate.

These are what I think the internet is good for and what is not so good about  the internet.

nerve raking, exciting, rewarding

Youth in Government Attribution to Jennifer Fowler

This past weekend I got the opportunity to participate in something that goes on everyday and affects our lives daily and this is government. There is a program in Ohio where I live and throughout the rest of the United States called Youth in Government it is ran by the YMCA. Basically it is high school kids running the government and when I say running it I mean exactly that every position was filled by a high school student including speaker of the house, chief justice, governor and everything else.

Youth in Government was a very out of the box thing for me. I am the type of person that likes to sit at home by myself and not talk to anyone. Youth in Government brought the social side out of me you can say. I was apart of the Legislative branch and wrote a bill about busses not having to stop at gated rail roads when the gates are up. I presented this to a committee of 13 other high school kids from all over the northern part of Ohio. With their votes my bill failed but I was still proud that I got up and presented it and had the courage to speak in front of my committee.

When I was at Youth in government I also got to sit in the state house and walk around downtown Columbus which was very fun. I was at Youth in Government for three days and in those three days I haven’t felt as many emotions as I did in my entire life. The whole trip was nerve  raking but also one of the most exciting and rewarding things I’ve ever done. I am really glad I didn’t talk myself out of going and stuck with it I will defiantly be doing it next year. If you have any program like youth in government join it just give it a shot. Even if you don’t really like politics you should still try it out because I didn’t like politics that much when I joined but I still really enjoyed the program and the experience.

If you want to find out more about Youth in Government here are some links  Youth and Government  and Youth in government story


   Family is about  the sacrifices you have to help one another out.  The biggest sacrifice has been given by my grandparents. This sacrifice helped four kids out that are now growing and healthy and all together living as sisters. I interviewed my grandpa to see what he would say about it and overall he didn’t regret anything he did. He stated that we’re his life and the reasons to get up every morning .The story isn’t this big grand story but it is a very big part of my sisters and my life. You can say that my grandparents saved us but to my  grandpa he just did what he had to do and that is it.  

Family are the people that don’t always show their love in the right ways but always have love for you.In my case they are the people that save you from situations that you couldn’t help.My grandpa has had many obstacles in his life and still gets up to make jokes with me and tell me stories of all the things he did when he was a kid.  My family is small but they are all I need to take over the world piece by piece.  

World Education

Education is the border line for everything. You get many skills in school that are used to help better prepare yourself for what life has to offer. The article ” Lack of education,”  says that “…Trafficking, poverty, child labor and so much more,” happen in countries that have no or a lack of education. Even if they do have school there are still so many things that they don’t have like ¨…classrooms, proper supplies, money, only having school for one gender¨ Global Citizen says in their article of  ¨ 10 barriers to education around the world,”. Kids need education so they can beat the odds that they are put in, they need it so they can prove to themselves and others that they can succeed. They just don’t have what they need to have so they can go to school which makes me sad and frustrated at the same time because I get to get up and go to school every day and have the resources and things I need to succeed. So many kids like me don’t though they usually have very little things for their education and if they do there is money involved that some kids can not afford to pay.

There are so many things that go wrong every day and most of them lead back to a lack of proper education. We need to stand together and get so many children the education they need by just not worrying about ourselves but trying our best to give back to the countries that don’t have much. Here are some more resources and ways we can improve education 3 ways to improve education worldwide . my other sources I used are lack of education  an

10 barriers to education

No words spoken


Untitled Photo attribution by photos for

Sitting across from the world all alone

Not there but here, the world is so alive but I’m a walking disaster

Trying to recover from the broken life I was put in

walking back across the street is my goal but I want to be colored

Not plain

I want this disaster to make my painting


Commenting is a big part of the blogging challenge. So when you’re commenting your comments should be unique to that post and not just a general comment that could be posted to every blog. People take pride in the things that they post so when there is just a general comment on their work it doesn’t feel good because they put time and effort in that piece and it seems like the person that commented didn’t read what was actually written.